Supporting Growth, Kumeū, Huapai and Riverhead Meeting - November

Supporting Growth, Kumeū, Huapai and Riverhead Meeting - November



The Supporting Growth Programme is planning the transport networks needed to support future urban growth in Auckland over the next 30 years, including the areas of Kumeū-Huapai, Riverhead, Redhills and Whenuapai. While some of the programme's priority projects are already underway, such as the Safe Roads SH16 Brigham Creek to Waimauku project, options and ideas are now being developed for the rest of this network.

Business owners will want to keep informed and take the opportunity to provide feedback on these plans as they could have both a negative or positive effect on your business.

On one hand alternative routes taking traffic off SH16 could reduce some of the queues, on the other these sorts of projects can remove huge amounts of passing business which have, in other areas, had a massive detrimental effect on small businesses.

Understanding what's planned and the possible impacts on your business is essential for your long term planning.

We've organised the Supporting Growth team to come out and facilitate a business session just for our members...

What: Supporting Growth Program for Huapai, Kumeū and Riverhead.

When: 6:00 - 7:00pm Wednesday 7th November.

Where: Kumeū Community Centre, 35 Access Road, Kumeu.

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.