North West Country Inc Business Association

Our roots go back to 1959 with the Helensville Businessmen's Association, and we've come a long way since then.

The North West District Business Association was formed from the Kumeu Coast & Country Business Association and the Helensville District Business Association after the two organisations came to the realisation that we would represent the entire district better by working together.  The two associations combined to ensure we were heard by local Government and able to promote the district effectively with a shared strategic plan.

In 2013 the association became part of Auckland Council's Business Improvement District (BID) program joining 47 other BID's across Auckland that are funded via a targeted rate on commercial buildings within a specific zone.


The North West – New Zealand’s creative playground and premiere place to live, work and do business and the location of choice for Aucklanders looking for a new experience.


Inspiring and enabling businesses to thrive in Auckland’s Creative Playground.

  • Become the network connector for businesses in the North West.
  • Provide relevant and timely support and information to members.
  • Promote the North West as Auckland’s creative playground.
  • Celebrate the cultural history of our area.
  • Create a strong business brand of North West Country.
  • Provide strong and transparent operational foundation.
  • Become the face and voice of the business community.
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