North West Country is supporting businesses to access business mentors

We have a range of business mentors to suit every industry and business need.  All Full and Associate members are entitled to access one free session with a business mentor of your choice.  We have a limited season of mentor availability so book your session now!

All booking requests are to be made through the North West Country General Manager, where you will choose a day and time with your mentor of choice.  Use your first discovery meeting to get to know your mentor, share your business details and needs, decide on a strategic plan to move forward and then you can negotiate an ongoing contract with your mentor.

Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows from Trades Coach provides business coaching and support for those in trades.  Since 2011, Andy has helped hundreds of owners with advice and support on how to grow their businesses sustainably and profitably. The Trades Coach programmes range from a low cost, online training platform for those new to business ownership, to a fully customisable 1:1 coaching solution that covers multiple areas of business strategy and development. Participants can choose from various modules that comprise the programme content and cover such areas as:

·         Planning and goal setting

·         Business strategy

·         Marketing and lead generation

·         Sales process and contracts

·         Team development and management

·         Operational improvement and systemization

·         Financial management, pricing and cash-flow.

 The Trades Coach programme versions have been registered with the Regional Business Partners programme (part of MBIE) and are eligible for up to 50% co-funding for approved business owners. 

Andy is available on the first Tuesday of every month from 12noon - 4pm.  To book your first appointment email Danielle Hancock on now.

Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke

“I see solutions – not problems, a future with success – not a past with failure and a “can do” attitude that will lift and influence those around me”.

Peter’s career has spanned many industries and countries over the past 35 years.

Experience gained across the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors has seen Peter develop extensive senior management and leadership skills.

More recently he has specialised in customer experience leadership having been Head of CX at both Lotto NZ and EnviroNZ.

A Director of two SME businesses himself, Peter brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to The Engine and its clients. His passion for delivering outstanding and authentic experiences for customers is a key asset for assisting businesses to become customer centric.

Supported by The Engine hub of advisers and provider specialists,  Peter is able to also bring extensive experience in strategic planning, people engagement and cultural transformation to all client engagements.

Peter is available on the second Tuesday of every month from 12noon - 4pm.  To book your first appointment email Danielle Hancock on now.

Catherine Cooke Catherine Cooke

Catherine Cooke’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for business. Beginning her career in the corporate sector of finance, legal and politics, Catherine ventured into design & importing with a small business client before taking the leap to establish her first company in 2001. Simultaneously, she maintained her full-time role as General Manager, while also growing her own business, demonstrating her dedication, and multitasking prowess.

Catherine’s personal experience with adversity equips her with invaluable life lessons and resilience, uniquely positioning her to provide effective business assistance to others.  She was the Business Advisor for the Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and used her vast business knowledge to help 100’s and 100’s of businesses across NZ and continues to still do this.

In addition to her outstanding achievements, Catherine also co-owns three other businesses with her husband: Allely Estate, Wine Time, and Coffee News. This unique perspective places her in the shoes of a business owner, giving her an acute understanding of the current growth and pain points that entrepreneurs face.

Catherine’s ability to identify core issues, devise creative solutions, build collaborative relationships, and energize teams has made her a sought-after figure in the business advisory/coaching world. Her completion of a Black Belt in Six Sigma, coupled with her incredible achievements, positions her to navigate all facets of business with confidence and passion.

Catherine is a current business advisor with The Engine and is available the fourth Tuesday of every month from 12noon - 4pm.  To book your first appointment email Danielle Hancock on now.

Leanne Coste

Leanne Coste

Leanne is a Business Coach, specialising in Marketing, Systems and Online Visibility.

Leanne is passionate about helping business owners to increase sales through marketing and increase profit through system and process improvement so that the business owner can spend more time doing what they love – family, hobbies, holiday, or scaling or selling their business.

After streamlining and automating her first multi award-winning business Leanne sold it and has moved on to provide advice and knowledge to other business owners.

Leanne helps business owners with online presence, marketing, award entries, social media, systems, accountability, getting a business ready for selling and general business coaching.  

Leanne is available on the third Monday of every month from 4pm - 8pm.  To book your first appointment email Danielle Hancock on now.

Tracey Cousins

Tracey Cousins

I am a dedicated professional in recruitment, business coaching, and mentoring.  My fervour lies in igniting businesses through transformative thinking and fostering inspired teams.

I offer one-to-one coaching and tailored recruitment services for businesses and individuals.  With over 35 years of commercial experience and certification as an ICG and TCI practitioner coach, I leverage Meta Dynamics learning methodologies to enhance both personal and business performance.

My approach is one of great enthusiasm and deep commitment towards a shared objective.

Tracey's focus is on growth through people.  This includes, though not limited to:

  • Clarity around Vision, Goals, Standards, Value. Culture
  • Understanding of current Structure, strategy, KPIs, Benchmarks to support Goals.  GAP analysis
  • Understanding of what currently is happening inside the business and its outcomes
  • Reviewing team structure, competencies, training & development needs.

Tracey is available on the first Friday of every month from 8am - 12pm.  To book your first appointment email Danielle Hancock on now.