Auckland Council is a huge and often confusing organisation so we've grouped some helpful links to direct you to information and assistance for things that affect local businesses.

Rubbish & Recycling

In the Rodney Ward, where North West Country is, there are currently no council-provided general waste services however there is a recycling service. You will need to contact a private collector or purchase pre-paid bin bags from a local supermarket. We have a community recycling centre in Helensville you can contact to get advice and help with recycling materials.


Graffiti & Vandalism

It's important to report any graffiti on public property quickly otherwise it can become a magnet for more tagging and damage. This then creates a spiral of unattractive public and business spaces. Below are some links to help you with graffiti and reporting this to the right people...

Signs & Sandwich Boards

There are rules around where you can put a sign both in public spaces and on your building. To save time, money and heartache by getting it wrong, check to make sure your sign is compliant before ordering it.

Business Licences

Some businesses require a licence to trade, these include health & beauty clinics, hairdressers, markets, alcohol and food outlets, rubbish & waste businesses, funeral directors and brothels. 


Home-Based Businesses

If you're thinking about operating a business from home before you get too far down the path of developing your new idea, it pays to check what's allowed in your neighbourhood.