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Bringing young workers on board

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Toolkit for businesses - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Provides information on employer’s responsibilities and laws relating to employment, health & safety and immigration.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs’ main purpose is to grow NZ for all by delivering trusted, competitive, well-regulated markets and creating an environment in which the interests of consumers are protected, businesses compete effectively, consumers and businesses participate confidently.

04 474 2750

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

New Zealand’s international business development agency. Has a role is to help New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, faster in international markets.

0800 555 888

Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand is a government department national statistical office. We are NZ’s major source of official statistics.

0508 525 525

New Zealand Law Society

Provides advice on finding a lawyer and booklets on various other legal topics.

National office: 04 472 7837

Lawyers Complaints Service: 0800 261 801

Registry: 0800 22 30 30

Civil Defence Auckland